God Friended Me Series Has Been Cancelled.

If you are watching this series and a huge fan of it, sorry, the network CBS has cancelled it after two seasons. A two-hour series finale will be released on April 26th.
In a joint statement sent to TVLine, CBS and Warner Bros. Television said, “We’re extremely proud of the unique concept and uplifting stories God Friended Me has told over the past two seasons. We thank the brilliant cast, writers, production team and crew for a show that stirred thoughtful conversation about faith, life and happiness, and made viewers feel good at the end of each episode. The creative team behind the show has one last ‘friend suggestion’ in mind, as well as an ending we hope brings a satisfying conclusion to Miles’ journey in search of the God Account.”
Storyline: Miles Finer, a podcast is vocal about his disbelief in God. His life, and those of people around him, changes when he receives a friend request on Facebook from the Almighty.
The main actor, Brandon Michael Hall broke silence about the cancellation of the show In a live Instagram Questions&Answers with fans on Thursday. The talented actor stated completely out of our control” and “a hard pill to swallow.” But after “swallowing the pill a couple of days ago, I was able to reflect… about the time spent the past two years working on this show, and I am so grateful.
Not happy about the news. I enjoyed the show.

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