It is official! I am happy to announce, I’ve birth my first baby ‘Twisted Dimensions’! I should have revealed about my book/EBook late last year, November, or even February 2020 when it was published on Amazon.

I kept mute about it because I had mixed feelings. I didn’t know if people would be interested to buy and read! I had doubts that I might not make sales, but I am HOPEFUL and GRATEFUL to God for my talent to entertain my readers through writing fiction.

I am very PROUD of my work and I believe those who have been there with me from the beginning on this blog, know what they can expect from Twisted Dimensions. The plot and the characters mean a lot to me. When I think about writing this book, all I do is smile!

After reading free stories on this blog, I hope most of you would buy, but I NEED YOU. I need you for something else. If you are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media platform, PLEASE post the cover and synopsis on your pages and tag me. If you read it, kindly write a review. Criticism is allowed. I am not perfect. I will post a few chapters on the blog. The book has 37 chapters + the first chapter of my upcoming book!


1. AMAZON – You have to register with your email address before you can buy it from the site. It is free to register!

You can buy the EBook and have it on your phone/tab, or buy the paperback (softcover), and get it delivered to you in a couple of days!

 Links to buy –  (copy and paste to your browser)

2. EMAIL ADDRESS ( – You can also get the PDF EBook here.

All you have to do is send a mail and a screenshot of payment – 2000 naira only. In case you are interested, the
account number is – 0127593343 Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB). After confirmation, it will be sent to your mail for download.


Joined together by fate, work dedicated but reserved CBI homicide detective Iris Bamidele without her consent unexpectedly is assigned to team up with an inquisitive Savannah Thomas, a young psychologist, to solve murder cases.  

Multiple stab wounds on the body of a female lifeless teenager. There was no defensive wound or sexual assault on the victim. Iris and Savannah must work in cooperation to unravel the mystery behind the death presumed to be murder. A cold case is on the table for the cohorts to decipher. Can they solve it?    

Iris’ dark past is back to hunt her and she is prepared to work on her unbalanced marriage. Savannah fighting hard to have her father brought back to justice and be a free man again. These new incomparable
partners will take us through the rough journey of the unexplainable pain, truth, and desire surrounding their own twisted private lives.

I hope you will enjoy reading when you support me by buying! Thank you! Eshe! Daalu! Godiya! Obrigado! God bless you all.

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