Enough is Enough

“I go kill you today, your matter don tire me.” Those were the words coming out from the mouth of papa Efe repeatedly. I’m certain he was doing the same thing he did to his wife almost every night. I can hear loud noises from Mama Efe, pleading for mercy.

God knows am not bold enough or courageous to leave my bed, unlock the door to go and plead on behalf of my mother’s younger sister. The day I tried it, na heavy hot slap I receive. The next day the monster in human form told me I deserved it.

Can you imagine?

He said I had no right to interfere in his marriage! Seriously if not for the good home training I have and the respect I have for my aunt, I for curse the man die! Two weeks with them has been unbearable for me, don’t know why in my right senses I choose to come here to spend my 4 weeks holiday.
I remember my mom telling her sister to leave her beast of a husband alone since she wasn’t enjoying her marriage, but all she would say  “Efe is still little, I can’t seperate her from her father and I love my husband dearly, he will change.”

Love? Abegi na foolishness dey worry her.

When my mom knew she couldn’t convince my barrister aunt to leave her illiterate stay at home husband, she gave up on their matter. Whenever my aunt reports the issue to her husband’s people, they will tell her to manage, that he loves her very much.

Love? Story for the gods. I have so many words to describe him but I choose one out of all “Wicked soul.”
“Please Mofe, I am begging, have mercy on me.” I hear her begging. What will I do? The neigbors can’t hear her this night, I’m very sure the noise from the generator won’t allow them hear her. Should I call my Mom to inform her? What can she do? She’s far away and I don’t want her to panic. Efe is asleep. The little angel is only three years old. She’s too young to understand all this.

 As I gather all the courage left in me to go try and separate them, I hear a loud noise:


I paused and stood with fear, cold flows through my body. I am afraid. That’s the sound of a gun, shot three times.

The wailing, pleading, crying all stopped. I walked to open my door, tip-toed to the direction of their room. I knocked faintly out of fear but no answer. I am sacred to death. I opened the door.

Behold! My aunt in a kneeling position, close to papa Efe laying lifeless on the floor, blood everywhere including her hands. The pistol on the floor. I’m in shock, words refused to come out from my mouth. I looked straight into her eyes. I saw nothing in them, her eyes were dark and dead.

She says to me “Call the police, I’ve a new case to defend.”
“Wh..wha what cas..case aunty?” I asked, stammering in fear.
“My case.” she said sharply.
“Okay.” As I turn to go get my phone, she called my name.
“Ma.” I replied, looking back to her.   
“You are going to be my witness.” She said to me smiling.

******** THE END


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