Fascinating Facts About Urine!

According to Wikipedia, Urine is a liquid by-product of metabolism in humans and in many other animals. Urine flows from the kidneys through the ureters to the urinary bladder. Urination results in urine being excreted from the body through the urethra.

1. It’s illegal to pee in an elevator in Singapore, and some elevators have a Urine Detection Device which detects urine odors, sets off an alarm, and closes the elevator doors until the police arrive.

2. In their “coming of age” ritual, aboriginals in Australia cut a “birth control” hole in the base of the boy’s p*nis and insert into it a splinter to keep it from closing. Urine and semen come out of the hole unless this sub-incision is plugged with a finger.

3. Diabetics’ urine can be made into whiskey because of the urine’s high sugar content.

4. While filming a scene for Chinatown, Roman Polanski wouldn’t allow a bathroom break for Faye Dunaway. In protest, she pissed in a coffee cup and threw the urine in his face.

5. In the 1930s, penicillin was so precious that it was re-extracted from the urine of patients who took penicillin to conserve every last bit of it.

6. Male lobster’s bladders are in their heads, and when they fight, they squirt each other in the face with urine.

7. Aztecs took two showers every day and used flowers as soap and cleaned their mouth with them as well. The Spaniards at that time avoided water because it was thought water on your skin made you more susceptible to the plague and they used urine to clean their mouths and teeth.

8. The ancient Egyptians used the urine from a pregnant woman to germinate seeds to determine the sex of the child. If barley sprouted first, then it was to be a boy. If wheat sprouted first, then it was to be a girl.

9. The word “urine” is from the Latin urina, which is from the variant of the Proto-Indo-European root *awer, meaning “to moisten, flow.”

10. Some women in ancient Rome drank turpentine (which can be poisonous) because it made their urine smell like roses.

11. In many Muslim countries, both men and women sit or squat to pee. They think standing up to urinate is something dogs, not humans, do.

12. In ancient China, both men and women stood up to urinate. Chinese noblemen would urinate into hollow canes so the urine would flow far way from their bodies.[1]
Approximately 200 years ago, European women urinated standing up. They wore long dresses and no underpants.

13. Each year in Canada, about 225 men fall overboard and drown as a consequence of standing up in a boat to urinate overboard.

14. Ancient Roman spies used urine as invisible ink to write secrets between the lines of their official documents, hence the saying: “read between the lines.” The messages appeared only when heated.

15. The word “piss” is an onomatopoetic term for urine and has been used since before the 14th century.

16. In ancient Egypt and Ireland, women stood to urinate. It was the men who sat or squatted.

17. American pioneers treated earaches by pouring warm urine in their ears and then plugging them with cloth.

18. It would take a dozen mice one entire day to fill a tablespoon with urine.

19. A horse such as a Clydesdale can urinate more than 4.5 gallons per day.

20. An elephant can urinate more than 13 gallons per day. It’s easier to measure this on a male elephant, as female elephants often poop and urinate at the same time.

21. A fin whale’s bladder can hold 5½ gallons of urine.

22. Urine was used by drug companies to make medicine—for example, urokinese, which helped dissolved the blood clots that caused heart attacks.

23. In 1815, Captain James Riley and his crew of the Commerce drank camel urine to stay alive after they were shipwrecked off the coast of Africa and had to cross the Sahara Desert to reach home.

24. A child’s bladder can hold an ounce or more of urine for every year of age. Adult bladders can hold up to 2½ cups of urine for two to five hours. They feel the urge to urinate five to seven times a day, whenever they collect a cup’s worth.

25. Women need to urinate in only one direction (vertically); however, men need to urinate in both the horizontal and vertical directions, making aiming a little more difficult. For men, the main problems occur at the beginning and end of urination when their control over stream velocity is poor.

26. The kidneys form urine by removing waste materials, salts, and other substances from the blood and sending them out of the body. Kidneys produce urine continuously, regardless if a person is sleeping or awake.

27. As men age, the speed of their urine stream declines. In fact, men urinate faster than women up until around the age of 50, and then women urinate faster.

28. After a woman urinates, the urethra empties by gravity. In males, the bulbospongiosus muscle contracts several times to void the remaining urine in the urethra.

29. The scientific name for urination is micturition. Urination is also called voiding, peeing, weeing, pissing, and emiction.

30. In a lifetime, the kidneys clean more than 1 million gallons of water, enough to fill a small lake.

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