Mercy Aigbe – Her New Man & the Brouhaha of the relationship!

Mercy Aigbe has found love again!

The rumor of Actress Mercy Aigbe dating a married man has finally come to an end. The Nollywood star has openly flaunted the man behind her smile. On his birthday, she posted pictures of him and herself together.

I guess she’s proud to show him off now. After all, he is the ‘Owner’, as she confirms he is her gist partner, bestie, her reality check and above all, a pillar and a source of happiness on the birthday message.

There was uproar of mixed emotions, comments regarding the relationship. Some criticized her for dating a married man, while other wished her well, saying he is Muslim and entitled to marry more than one wife. Mercy probably found love in strange places despite the circumstances surrounding how they met.

The estranged wife of Mr. Kazim reacted with a photo.

We have no idea if they are still together, separated or divorced. The marriage produced three children.

The ex-husband of Mercy posted the photo below with caption –

‘At last I thank God the truth is out, this is just one of many to God be the glory’

When Mercy was still married to Mr. Gentry, there were reports of him beating her and that caused a divorce. She is a victim of domestic violence. The ex-spouse has gotten married again and shouldn’t interfere in her affair. He has moved on. She should!

Merry Aigbe has found love, and she deserves to be happy after what happened in her first marriage. It is possible both are even married now. Kazim Adeoti is the CEO of Ibaka TV. We wish the couple all the best!

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