Murder In Room 16. Episode Three

Officer Rose was speechless to hear of the sudden unfortunate news about the manager’s wife.

How come? Who could have done it? Was Mr. Osaro innocent of not killing the first victim in Room 16? What could be going on or did he find out about the sexual relationship of his wife and Mr. Kelechi. Maybe he lied, maybe he knew his wife was unfaithful.

All these were questions floating inside her head as she dashed back into the station to make the report.

Paramedics were called back to go to the next crime scene if anything linking to the killer could be found there. Rose was exhausted but she had no other choice than to drive down to the manager’s house at night. Kelechi’s demise must have been connected to the manager’s wife’s death. This was also her case, her boss informed her before she left the station.

At 10:15 pm she reached the street where Mr. Osaro residence was stationed. The street was a bit dark and quiet, no gate at the residence. The door was wide open with two men consoling the bereaved, blood on his shirt. The same shirt he was wearing at the motel.

A murder weapon was being searched. Officer Rose looked at the lifeless body on the ground.

Blood was all over the victim and also splashed on the tiled floor in the living room which was in a mess. The centered table and one of the chairs were upside down. There was no murder weapon in sight. The injury was surely a knife thrust several times into her stomach. The victim’s eyes were opened, dead.

The victim had defensive wounds on her hands. She was trying to guard herself but lost the battle. Rose went over to meet Mr. Osaro. He rose on his feet, wiping away tears but more poured down his face. Trying to control himself was highly difficult. She walked with him outside to the entrance of his house to talk.

“I’m sorry for your loss but you are now a suspect,” Rose said with ease.

Osaro lifted his left eyebrow. He glanced at her with a questionable face. “How dare you, officer? First of all, You accused me wrongly of killing my customer now this? Instead of you to go out there, find and figure out who took my wife’s life you are here saying trash to me.”

“I’m an officer of the law,” she said to him fiercely. “Don’t you dare disrespect me again or I will arrest you?” He was rude to her and being calm wasn’t going to be the solution.

Osaro wiped his eyes. He was no longer in tears anymore. ‘I’m sorry for being rude but I’m innocent.”

“With the appearance of your living room, it seems there was a fight, a struggle between your wife and the penetrator. No one tempered with the handle of your door. Am I correct?”

“Yes,” he replied. “I met it closed, but it wasn’t shut with the key. It was unlike her to leave the door like that. Whenever I arrive home I always use my key.”

“Where was your wife’s key?”

“At the mouth of the door.”

“Outside or inside?” she asked.

“Inside officer.”

Rose sighed. “That could mean she opened the door for someone she was familiar with. Someone she knew. When did you arrive home Mr. Osaro?”

He touched his face trying to recall. “About fifty minutes ago.”

She gave a nod. “Didn’t any of your neighbors see anyone knocking on your door?”

He shook his head. “Immediately after I called you, I went over to meet the two neighbors you saw me with inside. They were inside their houses. Recently we’ve been security conscious because of the robbery cases happening almost every day. Nothing in my house was stolen. I’ve never offended anyone.”

“But your wife offended you, and you killed her.”

His eyes turned red.

“My wife never offended me, officer. Please do your job and don’t assume.”

She took a deep breath. “Are you saying you never knew your wife was having an affair with the late Mr. Kelechi?”

He widened his eyes. “That’s a lie! That’s a blatant lie! Don’t lie to my wife! She’s dead and not here to defend herself.”

“I never knew your wife. I don’t even know her name. Why should I lie?”

“To point me as their killer. You already accused me before so I’m not surprised. My wife was faithful. She never cheated on me!”

That means you are a blind man walking, thought Rose.

They took the deceased away. Rose warned Mr. Osaro never to run away. He was still under investigation. He said nothing to her. She left and drove home to get some sleep which she knew wasn’t going to last long.

At 8:15 The next morning, the victim’s wife was sitting in the interrogation room at the station waiting for officer Rose. She was wearing a red fitted short gown with two big earrings fixed on her two ears. Her lips were painted red; her long curly weave fell to her shoulders.

As she crossed her legs, Rose walked in.

“I’m sorry for keeping you waiting,” Rose said and stared at the woman. She was short of words, noticing the woman’s appearance.

“That’s not a problem,” she said in a silvery voice. “I’m Mrs. Kate Kelechi.” She turned to her left and glanced at the suited man seated close to her. “This is Joseph Okolie.”

“Who is he?” Rose asked.

“He’s my lawyer.” She replied.


To be continued…..

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