Reasons Why You Should Watch ‘YOU’ Series!

First of all, You Series has three seasons presently. The fourth season is not yet out but definitely will be whenever it’s ready!

This series is based on the life of a man named Joe. Joe Goldberg is a bookstore manager. This main character is played by Penn Badgley

Let me tell you about Joe Goldberg.

Joe is a psychopath/sociopath.

Joe is stalker/creep.

Joe is a serial killer with nice/good guy vibes!

Joe can kill and he will try to convince why he did it.

Joe can lie. A lie that is believable.

Joe can make you pity him.

Season One

It’s about Joe meeting an aspiring writer, Guinevere Beck. He becomes infatuated with her. Joe uses social Media and technology to stalk her and making sure he gets rid of anyone that gets in the way of their romance.

Season Two

This is about Joe Goldberg moving from New York to Los Angeles with a new identify after everything that happened in the previous season. (I can’t spill the details just watch it!)

He meets Chef Love Quinn and it doesn’t stop him from getting obsessed with her. He finds a way into her life and it results to an unforseen fate.

Watch it! YOU Series will leave you in suspense.

Season Three

Joe and Quinn are together as a couple but it comes with twist and turns as Love is another version of Joe! This leaves Joe confused, shocked and determined to get out of bondage after meeting another woman!

Joe gets what’s he wants! Joe can be caring despite his many flaws. He is the character you’ll hate to love or love to hate!

Don’t let Joe find YOU. If he does, he will get YOU. Watch the series. It’s entertaining!!!

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