Stella Dimoko Korkus says she is not having an affair!


Nigerian Blogger Stella (SDK) has reacted to the news by Gistloversblog11 on the blogger’s Instagram page that she cheated on her ‘Oyibo’ husband with a man, Vitalis.

Stella Dimoko Korkus says this message was sent to ESTHER OBIGWE who has two kids …After they sent a story to the page yesterday where my photo was merged with that of my friend Vitalis to insinuate that he is my lover…

Stella says:

This whole drama was started by an isoko man with three kids whose name is RICHARD OTHE,who lives in Ibadan, someone i fed and clothed and did nothing to warrant this….

Someone who suffered a mild stroke three weeks ago and who should be attending to his health and that of his sick wife.

..I have nothing to do with this man and this is me saying it with my full chest because i know what damage this may do to his Marriage, this is my terrain and that is why i am responding….

Now let me ask something, if i decide to have a relationship and it so happened that i had anything to do with this guy, no be my thing?I have done lots of stories like this so me denying it might not mean anything to anyone,i seek no justification from anyone. The guy in question is not even my spec…lol
…I will not respond to this again….Like i said Every dog has its day………

Now i believe that some bloggers just post things sent to their inbox without investigating or contacting the person….

Gislover blog or whatever your name is, I am not scared of you and i have not tried to bring your page down,I WILL NEVER DO THAT COS I DONT EVEN KNOW HOW TO:::…

I am not worried about what you post concerning me but i will advice you to do investigations before you post and stop letting people use you for revenge… In Journalism we say that dog does not eat dog…I have never written a story about my colleagues and I never will….

Last last sebi this drama will pass?
We learn every day…
continue letting a group of bitter people use you oh..
I wish you and them the best!

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