A Blizzard Case of a Serial Killer Called William Inmon.

The bizzare case of William Inmon started to unravel in September 2009. This happened in the rural town of Springerville, Arizona.The 21-year-old fled his home and ran two blocks to the local police station, where he told Chief Steve West that officers from neighboring St. Johns had a search warrant to look through his house.

William Inmon, who had perhaps watched too much crime fiction, thought that West wouldn’t like other cops invading his territory and hinted that he should probably run them out of town.

Instead, he invited Inmon to sit down and talk. Over the next four hours, Inmon basically told West his life story. Eventually, he admitted that the St. Johns’ police were looking through his home because he was involved in a murder. As West listened, Inmon confessed to killing 16-year-old Ricky Flores with a single shotgun blast, allegedly at the urging of Flores’s girlfriend’s father, who disapproved of his daughter’s relationship.

Weeks after confessing to the Flores killing, Inmon came clean about two other murders.  The first came in April 2007, when he shot 72-year-old William “Stoney” McCarragher. A local rancher, McCarragher was known for carrying large amounts of cash and frequently hired local kids to do odd jobs for him. After his death, it was revealed that he had a record of sexual offenses under a different name. Inmon said that McCarragher had touched him inappropriately and claimed to have murdered him so he wouldn’t hurt anyone else.

His second victim was Daniel Achten. Daniel was was killed early in 2009, he was a deaf Vietnam veteran, dubbed “Hummer Dan” for his tuneless humming, Achten was found in a shallow grave near his house.

The serial killer claimed to have killed Achten because he was a drug addict who had shot his dog.

Although he admitted some guilt over the Flores murder, Inmon insisted it was his duty to cleanse the world of those he deemed undesirable, and said he would have murdered others if he hadn’t been caught. After striking a deal with prosecutors, he was given a 24-year sentence.

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